Air Hollywood – A Premier Place where Sensational Scenes are Filmed

In 1998, Talaat Captan, an industry veteran and self-proclaimed aviation geek with 30 years of experience in the film and television industry founded Air Hollywood after facing several challenges of aviation set-up while working on a disaster thriller film the Ground Control. Being a versatile idealist, Talaat Captan’ opened his dream airport set-up in Los Angeles to solve and encourage dozens of aviation shoots for films and television shows, music videos and commercials.

Talaat Captan believes in bringing innovation and inspiration and to set up new benchmark in the film and television industry, he has come up with several revolutionary concepts that are significant brands under his wings – Air Hollywood Props, The Pan Am Experience, K9 Flight School, Open Sky for Autism, Fearless Flight and Apex Stock.

Take Yourself into the Golden Age of Air Travel at the Pan Am Experience

Are you longing for the golden age of air travel or do you have love for the luxurious Pan Am 747? The Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood will take you into the classic era of airline luxury with a retro-themed dinner and cocktail series on Saturday nights. Talaat Captan has left no stone unturned in recreating the glorious days of air travel by creating an exact replica of the Pan Am in the 1970s. He has fantastically recreated the ambiance by encompassing every detail including check-in desk, vintage memorabilia, retro-themed dining, live events and service from flight attendants adorned in original Pan Am uniforms. Do you want to relive the air travel experience? Head towards the Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood to experience the age of nostalgic, classic airline luxury.

Say Goodbye to Your Fear of Air Travel with Our Educational Programs

Besides recreating the golden age of airline luxury, Air Hollywood also administers several educational programs including Fearless Flight, Open Sky for Autism, and K9 Flight School. These public programs, by Talaat Captan, was initiated to educate people and their families with special needs about air travel and help them to rediscover the joy of air travel. The Open Sky for Autism program aims at helping people and their families living with Autism and other disabilities to have a safe and enjoyable air travel experience. Other public programs are for those who are fearful and hesitant to fly high. These non-profit organizations host quarterly “travel simulation” events, publish educational resources and encourage airline industry compassion to help these people overcome their fear and have a safe air travel experience. Since 2014, these public educational programs have helped more than 5,000 families and changed their lives for the better.

Apex Stock – Your Go-to place for Myriads of Stock Footage Clips

Air Hollywood also supports set dressing rentals, stock footage licensing and other design licensing program through Apex Stock. Over a couple of decades, Talaat Captan has successfully acquired 35mm TWA Film Archive and 70mm Showscan library that provides an unrivaled collection of stock footage clips, supervised film restoration and HD transfer process, invested in sophisticated digital asset management infrastructure, scaled content ingestion teams, and secured global distribution through Getty Images, T3 Media, Corbis Motion, and National Geographic.

With his master creation – Air Hollywood, Talaat Captan has developed his business and established recurring revenue with high-profile clients including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and other prominent Hollywood studios, independent directors, producers, and advertisers. Talaat’s visionary outlooks, versatile and distinctive personality traits have made him an iconic entrepreneur in the film industry.